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Orta wallets embody inspiration and are completely crafted and made by hand. An adventurous trip to the steppes and deserts of Mongolia led to the creation of these beautiful and highly functional wallets. We decided to brand these leather wallets after our favourite place: Lake Orta in Piedmont, Italy, a magical and timeless place in a gorgeous country.

We source the most premium calf leather from the leading tanneries in France, Italy and Japan for these wallets. Each wallet takes up to six hours to make from scratch by our experienced Hermès-trained artisans. They follow a meticulous process, all by hand: wallet design, leather selection, cutting, preparation, stitching, tapering, finishing and polishing. The finished products are of very high quality and lovely to touch. They will age beautifully.


Orta wallets are available in premium calf, crocodile and Cordovan leather.

Crafting Leather
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